"All of our efforts are directed toward operating profitable restaurants that exceed our guests and our employee's expectations."

About Us

Tar Heel Capital Corporation opened its first restaurant in Boone, North Carolina back in 1977. We have steadily grown throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, and today we have 74 restaurants that are striving to deliver the highest standards in quality, service, and cleanliness.


Tar Heel Capital has been recognized as a leader in top notch Wendy’s franchises throughout North and South Carolina and the entire Wendy’s System. Below you will see several awards that Tar Heel Capital has won through the years!


“There’s no I in Wendy’s.  The first two letters are WE” Dave Thomas, Founder Wendy’s International Inc. 1932 – 2002   Tar Heel Capital offers a number of different advancement opportunities for it’s Restaurant Managers. Restaurant management careers with Tar Heel Capital usually begin at the trainee level, where new employees go through an extensive 8-11 […]

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